In Uganda, every nurse and midwife makes a world of difference. They are among the most critical frontline health workers, especially in impoverished communities facing high disease burdens, maternal and infant mortality, and HIV/AIDS.  Please help us raise $30,000 to fund nurses and midwives who in turn can quite literally save hundreds of lives.

The Gretta Foundation has developed a successful strategy to “pay it forward” in Uganda. We invest in impoverished young people—giving them full scholarships to attain a career in nursing. We also provide “scale-up” scholarships to the lowest level nurses and midwives in underserved communities, helping them to build their knowledge and skills.  

We recently approved funding for 10 nursing and midwife candidates for their first year of school.  But we still need your help to see them through the completion of their degrees. We are excited those that have applied for Gretta Scholarships—mostly AIDS orphans or conflict survivors whose own challenging life experiences make them eager to give back and create health and hope in their communities. For example:  

Precious:  22 and an only child/ Precious’ mother was abducted at school by rebels in 1991 and got pregnant in captivity as a result of rape.  In 2002 her mother escaped at night with five-year-old Precious. Precious was inspired to be a nurse when she saw her mother suffer from a terrible fever while in the bush along with feeling helpless as fellow abductees, gravely injured, would be killed versus cared for.  “That pain touched me so deep that I desired to become a nurse.”  

The $30,000 goal would have an exponential impact on countless lives by supporting seven direct-entry nursing scholarships and three scale-up to diploma nursing and midwifery scholarships for working professionals desperate to increase their life-saving skills and competencies.  

By making donation, today you change a life in an instant while saving and curing countless lives tomorrow.


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